Our Mission

  • To create a unity of parents of Yeshiva students, to ensure the purity of our future generations, through holding on to our traditional Jewish education. The commitment to an unaltered Torah true education is the secret of our long lasting existence, and we are determined to continue to follow the precedents of the Rabbis of previous generations and preserve our heritage.
  • To inform the public how our Rabbis have established Torah-true education throughout our history, and convey the principles with which they have reestablished this authentic Judaism in the United States after WWII.
  • To explain the significance and importance of the Yeshiva educational system and to present the exceptional results that our institutions have produced; hundreds of thousands of successful and loyal citizens, with the highest levels of integrity and ethical values.


Throughout the ages, observant (Orthodox) Jews and scholars have been educated and knowledgable, and were at the same time careful to adhere to the guidelines of Torah laws, views, and customs. History has proven however, that those who have succumbed to a secular education and did not have a comprehensive Jewish schooling eventually lost their indenty as Jews. We, Yeshiva students and parents alike, refuse to follow that pattern to allow secular infiltration to challenge our continuity.


Our educational system is actually very well-rounded and provides its students with sufficient knowledge and skills as well as proficiency in the English language. In fact, our community boasts thousands of successful businessmen who went through our educational system, and our institutions need no amendments to provide satisfactory results.


We, Yeshiva students and parents alike, are pleased with our educational systems, and we refuse to follow that pattern to allow secular infiltration to challenge our continuity.


We will stand strong to fight the attempts to alter our Yeshiva education. We will use every approach necessary to defend our position, through clarifying our stand to the public, as well as using legal measures if needed.